Unconventional education versus traditional education

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We’ve got shocking news for you: at Unknown University of Applied Sciences  you will get a fully accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. All while starting your business from the first day. 

Do other business universities
allow you to start your business
right away?

Here, we stimulate you to think, decide, and act as an entrepreneur from the moment you enter our program by providing cutting-edge, practical information that can be directly applied to your business in our in-house incubator. At traditional business universities, you learn about entrepreneurship and not how to actually do it. That is why we give you the tools to ideate, create, and grow your business, all while supporting you with the proper coaching and resources. Also, a business idea isn’t even a requirement to join Unknown University of Applied Sciences! All you need is the desire to build something for yourself.

Do other business universities create
a community of
like-minded people?

At other business universities, students are encouraged to start their ventures after graduation and often don’t stimulate the proper practical, entrepreneurship-oriented communities. At Unknown University of Applied Sciences, you are immersed in a community of driven, entrepreneurial-focused students looking to create and grow their ventures throughout the four-year program.
As opposed to other campuses, at our campus, you are surrounded by people who have successfully started and scaled businesses before, and you can learn from and work with them to gain experience. Not only can you find your startup mentor but also internships, side jobs, and temporary projects that are crucial to increasing your entrepreneurial capabilities. Our ever-growing network will offer you the insights you need to take your business from maybe to mastery.

Do other business universities teach you how to memorize or
take action?

Gone are the days of multiple choice exams, boring lectures, and information you’ll forget about in a few days’ time. Traditional business universities simply test how capable you are at memorizing information. With us, you will earn credits for the time you spend developing yourself and your business. Learning by doing is our method of teaching, as you will learn concepts, models, and techniques with a tailored curriculum composed of accredited modules and apply them directly to your business. By applying the expertise gained from business coaching sessions or taking advantage of the provided working spaces, you will have a fully functioning, profit-earning business by the time you graduate.

Fund your future

As we are a private university of applied sciences, that ultimately comes at a cost. If you are unable to fund the tuition with us, you are able to use DUO loans to fully finance your studies. The loan works exactly the same as those for studies at public Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (WO & HBO). 

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