MSc Scaling Up

Master of Science in Scaling Up program is going to help you break through your growth ceiling in one year.

Master of Science

The Hague, Netherlands

Starts on 1st of September

Get an MSc degree and scale your startup!

Master of Science in Scaling Up program is developed for the founders of ventures that are ready to scale an established business proposition or start-up. This program knows what your journey as a start-up founder has been like, and facilitates both you and your business to take the next step in gaining more traction in new markets and segments and expanding your portfolio of services and products.


Break founders ceiling and grow

Master of Science in Scaling Up uses an approach that is designed to help entrepreneurs break through the ‘Founder’s Ceiling’ by developing the proper knowledge, skills and mindset to become a next-level founder. 

Accelerate your business in 12 month

Build a global network for life

Become a part of Europe's impact community

Master's degree that creates tangible results


Scale your business while getting a degree

Master of Science in Scaling Up puts your business development first and implores you to put the learnings from the modules directly into your business. Each block consists of one module, which focuses on a specific topic. The entire curriculum follows this structure and is designed in such a way that all modules follow the process of scaling your business.

Petra Cafnik Uludağ Program Director

A well-educated founder is a catalyst for impactful change, turning challenges into opportunities and steering the course of progress with wisdom and vision. We foster a new generation of leaders shaping the future.

Thomas Blekman
Incubator Director

Between the modules, we offer incubator time. The incubator is an essential part of our program as it is where you receive personal coaching and mentorship from experts who have already scaled businesses themselves.

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Teachers, Professors

Founders, Specialists

We have created a program taught by the perfect mix of lecturers. You’ll be inspired by the growth and failure stories of entrepreneurs and learn from the best field experts and professors with academically validated knowledge on scaling. We bring you the best; you can ask them anything you want; they are there for you and your business.

250+ founders & field experts at your fingertips!


Toby Rush

“This program offers founders who want to fix the future what I would have loved to have had myself. That’s also why I am proud to share my experience and failures with the founders that are in this program.”
Founder of Zoloz
Sold for $100M to Alipay

Jan Saan

“If I would have had this program to guide me, it would have saved me and my team so much time and money.”
CTO CM.com

Who is this Master of Science in Scaling Up for?

Self-employed Professional

Are you aspiring to transform your freelance business into a start-up and grow it into a scaled business?

Global Expansionist

Do you aspire to build a strong foodhold in foreign countries by expanding your business internationally?

Start-up Founder

Are you aspiring to scale your start-up to achieve greater impact in the future?

Business Successor

Do you aspire to take on the leadership role and grow new opportunities for the family business in the near future?

Application Information for Master of Science in Scaling Up

Part time Masters are normally not possible for international student entrepreneurs. However, in combination with our startup visa program, it now is.

The Netherlands have a special “Startup Visa” that offers international students the opportunity to scale their own business in the Netherlands while they get their master’s degree.

We can assist you as you apply for this visa, so that you are able to stay in the country for the duration of the course, use this time to run your business and build the network you’ll need to establish your company in the local market. We can also help you stay in the Netherlands after the program while you remain in our incubator, until you can apply for permanent residency if desired.

In order to be eligible for the Master’s program (full or part-time), you must hold a bachelor’s (BSc) degree. You can apply with a bachelor’s degree in any field of study, as our program is open to everyone who embraces entrepreneurship. 

In addition, for the master’s program, you must own a business that is ready to scale. The growth readiness of your business and the fit for our program will be determined by an application interview.




To make an application, click apply now, fill in the form, upload the appropriate documents, and schedule the admissions interview.

To support our students in their transition to a new country, Unknown University of Applied Sciences arranges visas for students who need one.

The program has one entry moment each year in September.

As our master’s program is fully accredited, it is possible for Dutch (and also European) students to finance the tuition fee in full and even a small part of the housing/living costs against super friendly terms. We can help you apply for it once you are enrolled. Book a call to learn more.

All programs offered by Unknown University of Applied Sciences are formally accredited programs of ‘Stichting Global School for Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (registered under BRIN: 30RK)’. 

Stichting Global School for Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences is officially recognized by the Dutch Government and will offer the accredited Master of Science degree in Scaling Up (registered under ISAT: 49308). The accreditation is obtained from the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization), therefore Stichting Global School for Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences meets the national quality assurances as defined by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

We are on a mission to fuel founders that fix the future. 

We are Unknown Group. We join forces with founders to venture beyond known. By realising their full potential we are a catalyst for lasting change. Igniting a chain reaction. 

By partnering with founders, we ignite lasting change and amplify impact through Unknown Spaces, Unknown University of Applied Sciences, and Unknown Solutions. With a mission to fuel founders who fix the future, we tackle global challenges, supported by initiatives like Get in the Ring and the Akela.