At Unknown University of Applied Sciences, we prioritize your privacy. This policy explains how we collect, use, and protect your information. We value transparency and are committed to earning your trust. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


This privacy statement states how your personal data will be collected and stored. It will describe where your data is stored and for which purposes your data will be used. Also, you will encounter all your rights concerning your personal data and how to make use of these rights. This privacy statement could be updated from time to time, for example, due to changes in legislation. Because of this, it is recommended to regularly consult the privacy statement. 


This is the Privacy Statement of Global School for Entrepreneurship, hereafter referred to as GS4E. There are situations that require GS4E to collect and store your personal data. It is in your best interest to know what will be done with this
data and how you can voice your personal wishes regarding your data storage. If you ever feel unsure about the storage of your data by GS4E, please contact us!



There are multiple reasons for storing your data by GS4E. Here under you will read all about it:

GS4E makes use of e-mail addresses to send their newsletters. These newsletters are created with commercial interests, and also used for sharing insights. Your first name and email address will be collected via the form that is needed to put you on the mailing list on the website of GS4E. Also, GS4E could request you via personally or textually to log in.

Your personal data will be stored whenever you reach out to GS4E via their website. Within the form, only the required data is requested to offer a service or proposal. You can think of data such as your name, company name, email address, telephone number and project description.

The website of GS4E will collect your personal data to improve their website. This process of improvement is supported by Google Analytics. The data that will be produced by this, is anonymous and therefore will not be connected to your
personal data. An example of useful data is the duration of your visit or the amount of pages you have looked at. All data will only be used with your explicit approval and only for purposes that you approved of. Your data, with your consent, could be shared with potential relationships or contractors.

Personal data will be processed in accordance with GDPR and in a proper and careful manner. Personal data are only processed insofar as they are adequate, relevant and not excessive.
The BSN can be used for:
– Registration and enrolment for a course of study;
– The organization and delivery of education;
– The processing of study results and study progress;
– Providing study guidance;
– The financial handling of the various contributions for education, such as tuition fees;
– Handling and resolving disputes.
– Personal data will be used only for the above mentioned purposes.


Newsletters will be sent via ActiveCampaign. During the sign up for the newsletter, your e-mail address and surname will automatically be stored in the appropriate list within ActiveCampaign. 

The e-mail of GS4E is hosted by TransIP. Whenever you contact GS4E via forms or via e-mail, the concerned e-mails will be stored on the servers of TransIP. 


To execute the aforementioned activities, some of your data will be stored for a longer period of time by GS4E. Whenever it is not urgent to store your data, your data will not be stored. An exception on this, is that GS4E has to continue storing your data as a result of legislation.

Sending newsletters
Your e-mail address and surname will be stored in ActiveCampaign. The period of storing of your data has no end date. You can unsubscribe to the newsletter whenever you want via the link that can be found on the bottom of every newsletter, or via sending an e-mail to info@unknown-universityas.com.

Whenever you contact GS4E via e-mail, all data that is being sent, such as your name, company name and email address, will be stored on the mail server. E-mails will be stored at most two years after you have sent them. 

Data on the website that is stored by Analytics, are anonymous and therefore are not connected to your name, company name or e-mail address. This data can be stored for indefinite duration within Google Analytics.


Your personal data will not be physically copied. Your data will be collected in the systems and software mentioned above. The personal data that is stored by GS4E or the third parties that are mentioned before, are only accessible via the existing software and are secured with a password that requires two-step verification. By using this two-step verification, a code will be sent from within the software to GS4E. The process of logging in requires this code. The devices that will consult your data are secured with fingerprint or a password as well. The devices on which your data will be consulted, will always be limited to the necessary amount. Besides this, your visit to the website is secured via an SSL certificate. This means that your connection with the website of GS4E is fully private. You can recognize the presence of this SSL certificate by the green lock next to the url. Also, the domain of GS4E is signed with DNSSEC. This is an extra aid that makes sure the ‘signage’ of the website is safer and more trustworthy.


Your right to inspect
At all times, you preserve the right to consult your personal data that is stored by GS4E. You can send an email or call GS4E to do this. You will receive an overview with your personal data.

Your right to rectification
Is your data incorrect? Or do you want to make a change? You always preserve the right to let this rectify by GS4E. Your data regarding the newsletter can be adjusted via the allocated url that you can find on the bottom of every newsletter.

Your right to transmission
Whenever you need the data that is stored by GS4E to switch to another party, you will always preserve the right for this transmission. GS4E is obligated to send your data to the party that is indicated by you.

Your right to let your data be erased
If it is your wish that your data will not be stored by GS4E any longer, GS4E is obligated to erase all of your data.

Your right to make a complaint
You preserve the right to make a complaint at the ‘Authority Personal Data’, if you have second thoughts about the way GS4E handles your data.

Your right to stop usage of data (objection)
Whenever you do not want GS4E to collect and store your data, you have the right to stop this. If you want to make use of this right, you can indicate this via info@unknown-universityas.com. Please send a copy of your ID. You can blur the pass photo,
numbers on the bottom of the file and the ID and BSN number. GS4E aims to give answer to your request within one week.


GS4E processes personal data for sake of justified interest, namely a commercial interest. You can think of offering services or products of GS4E via email. Your data will never be sold to third parties. The data that is required to hand over, is
the minimal required data for offering the services or products. Your e-mail address is, for example, needed to send the newsletter. When this mandatory data will not be handed over, GS4E can not offer the concerning service. If GS4E needs to share your personal data with the above-mentioned parties, for example to offer (one of their) services, your approval will always be requested. GS4E preserves their right to make your personal data public when they are legally
obliged, or when GS4E needs to protect their rights, property or security. GS4E will always respect your right on privacy.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us at INFO@GS4E.COM