Try-out day

Discover a sneak peek of what it would be like to study at Unknown University of Applied Sciences.

Event description

We’re excited to extend an invitation for you to experience a day as our student. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere, as this is your opportunity to immerse yourself, interact with fellow students, and witness firsthand our hands-on approach to learning. Simply fill out the form to sign up, and we’ll coordinate the schedule with you.

Uncover every detail of our study.


In contrast to open days, we offer an intimate presentation featuring insights from our dedicated staff and students. 

Through their firsthand experiences and knowledge sharing, we delve into our unique learning philosophy, the core values of Unknown University of Applied Sciences.


Following the presentation, ample time will be provided for you to pose questions to both students and staff members. 

Feel free to prepare your inquiries in advance. Our aim is to ensure that you depart from the meeting equipped with all the necessary information to confidently determine your future path.

Meet the students

Engage in discussions with your prospective teammates—our current students—and coaches.

This opportunity allows you to assess whether our program aligns with your entrepreneurial aspirations and future endeavors.