From the day you kick off here at Unknown University of Applied Sciences, you will start and grow your business while getting a degree

Start Your Business From Day 1

Degree that is actually useful for entrepreneurs

Whether you’re looking to launch a new venture or scale an existing business, our program equips you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in the dynamic world of business.

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Launch Your Business While Earning Your Degree

Education with real-world startup experience

In today’s rapidly evolving world, traditional education often falls short in preparing students for the future. Recognizing this challenge, we aim to equip students with practical skills for personal and professional success.

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Place Where Entrepreneurship Thrives

University campus with incubator for startups

Gain invaluable experience by working side-by-side with seasoned entrepreneurs. This hands-on approach not only helps you find a startup mentor but also opens doors to internships, side jobs, and temporary projects essential for enhancing your entrepreneurial skills. Titaan is The Netherlands’ largest impact innovation hub. It is a clubhouse for impact founders to work and connect. Offices, events, labs, programs, and community support tailored to scale your impact- solutions.

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Our Programs

New or established entrepreneur, we have the program to suit your needs.

BSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Embark on an educational journey with our innovative bachelor program that allows you to seamlessly integrate academic pursuits with entrepreneurial ambitions. 

MSc Scaling Up

Our program uses an approach that is designed to help entrepreneurs break through the ‘Founder’s Ceiling’ by developing the six essentials. Through our program, you will develop the proper knowledge, skills and mindset to become a next-level founder. 

We are on a Mission

To fuel founders that fix the Future

Fix the future


Students today need practical skills for an uncertain future. Faced with the challenges of preparing for a rapidly evolving future, traditional education no longer ensures job security, and theoretical knowledge alone falls short in equipping them for real-world challenges. 

Grow your own company


Start your business from day 1, while maximizing your studies to turn your education into real-world success.

Be in the best environment for entrepreneurial growth, getting an extraordinary education from the field experts, located in the heart of Europe’s impact capital.

Turn problems into solutions


At Unknown University of Applied Sciences, we help you to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and create a lasting impact. 

Our innovative educational approach seamlessly integrates classroom learning with real-world business experiences.

We are on a mission

to fuel founders that fix the future.

Teachers, Professors

Founders, Specialists

We have created a program taught by the perfect mix of lecturers. You’ll be inspired by the growth and failure stories of entrepreneurs and learn from the best field experts and professors with academically validated knowledge on scaling. We bring you the best; you can ask them anything you want; they are there for you and your business.

Eric and Jana

Growing Entrepreneurial Mindset

Transforming Students into Entrepreneurs

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Global School becomes Unknown University of Applied Sciences

We are excited to introduce a new name, Unknown University of Applied Sciences. 

Here we develop skills and mindset to create and scale these impact solutions. We are located in Unknown Spaces Titaan in The Hague, which is a 13.000m2 innovation hub and the perfect location for student-entrepreneurs to learn, meet seasoned impact entrepreneurs and work on their own startup. 

We are Unknown Group. We join forces with founders to venture beyond known. By realising their full potential we are a catalyst for lasting change. Igniting a chain reaction. 

By partnering with founders, we ignite lasting change and amplify impact through Unknown Spaces, Unknown University of Applied Sciences, and Unknown Solutions. With a mission to fuel founders who fix the future, we tackle global challenges, supported by initiatives like Get in the Ring and the Akela.