At Unknown University of Applied Sciences, we provide unconventional business education that is actually useful for entrepreneurs. From field-experts to collaboration with existing startups, our goal is to give hands-on entrepreneurial education.

Become an entrepreneur
by being one

Join a community of young founders

Our Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 90-day program, and Pre-Master offer unparalleled support for budding entrepreneurs. With insights gleaned from working with over 25,000 startups, we’ve crafted a curriculum that caters to first-time entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and unleash their full potential. Our hands-on approach ensures real-world relevance, setting you up for success not just in business, but in life. Building on this success, our accredited Master of Science in Scaling Up focuses on growing your business, completing our suite of programs designed to help you Rise!


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Empowering Future Entrepreneurs

A New Approach to Education

In today’s rapidly evolving world, traditional education often falls short in preparing students for the future. Recognizing this challenge, we aim to equip students with practical skills for personal and professional success. 

In an era where job security is no longer guaranteed by degrees alone, we empower aspiring impact entrepreneurs to take charge of their futures. Through hands-on experience and real-world challenges, we foster resilience and innovation, enabling our students to create meaningful change in society. 

Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow, where “what if” becomes “what’s next.”

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Truly Global Education

Exploring Vibrant Cities and Startup Ecosystems

Embark on a global journey with Unknown University of Applied Sciences. Study, work, and connect with startups and organizations in dynamic cities like Amsterdam, Valencia, Dubai, Berlin, and Singapore. Gain a degree, build ventures, and forge lifelong connections for your rise to success.

Opportunities for Students

Empowering Student Entrepreneurs with Get in the Ring

Our partnership with the renowned global startup competition Get in the Ring, gives our students access to a worldwide support system through which they can raise investments and meet fellow entrepreneurs. The events offer a platform to expand a student’s network and scale their business. Check out the Forbes article about Get in the Ring and Unknown HERE.