We aim to provide clarity on the costs associated with studying at Unknown. Curious about tuition fees and financial support options offered by DUO?Explore this page to gain comprehensive insights into the expenses involved in pursuing your education journey with us.

Funding through DUO

Finace your study with DUO

If you are unable to fund your studies with us yourself, you may be able to use loans from the Dutch government, through DUO. If you (also) hold Dutch citizenship, or have permanent residency in the Netherlands, the loans work exactly the same as those for studies at public Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (WO & HBO). You can find more info here (in Dutch)

These tuition fee loans are also available to EU/EEA and Swiss citizens under certain conditions. You can find full information on the loans here.


Tuition Fees

Invest in your future

Tuition fees  vary based on the program and level of study. 

Master: € 22.500. Anticipate the possibility of additional costs for trips around Europe.

Bachelor: EU/NL € 14.200 Discounted single payment fee of € 13.500 if paid by: 1 st of August for the September intake, or 1st of January for the February intake Non-EU € 14.200 (No discount due to visa Application Costs)



Cost of Living

What it costs to be a student in the Netherlands?

Living costs in the Netherlands can vary depending on your location and lifestyle.

Accommodation: Monthly rent for a shared room in a student house or apartment can range from €300 to €600, while a private studio or apartment may cost €500 to €800 or more.

Food: Monthly grocery expenses can range from €150 to €300, depending on dietary habits and cooking preferences. Eating out occasionally may incur additional costs.

Transportation: Public transportation costs vary by city but can range from €30 to €70 per month for a student public transport card.

Health Insurance: International students are required to have health insurance, which typically costs around €80 to €120 per month.

Study Materials and Personal Expenses: Additional expenses for study materials, leisure activities, and personal needs can vary but may amount to approximately €100 to €200 per month.


BSN or no BSN?

If you were born and/or raised in the Netherlands, you will have been issued a BSN (Dutch personal tax number). Dutch citizens who have never lived in the Netherlands, or only in the Caribbean Netherlands, do not have a BSN yet; they will be assigned one when they move here. If you are not sure, check your passport or ID card. If no BSN is mentioned, you will need the explainer for students without a BSN.

Non-Dutch, EU, EEA,
Swiss students


If you do not hold citizenship from the Netherlands, EU, EEA, or Switzerland, or permanent residency in the Netherlands (at start of studies), you are usually not eligible for DUO loans. There are some exceptions for refugees and other reasons for residence in the Netherlands. Please contact DUO for more information.