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Looking to start & grow your crypto or forex business?

At Global School for Entrepreneurship, we empower you to evolve as an entrepreneur. From creating and growing a Crypto or Forex business to an impact-oriented startup with the aim to change the world, we provide you the tools required to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and help you prepare for the exciting road ahead.

Grow At Global School

At Global School, we stimulate you to think, decide, and act as an entrepreneur from the moment you enter our program by providing cutting-edge, practical information that can be directly applied to your business in our in-house incubator. At traditional business universities, you learn about entrepreneurship and not how to actually do it. That is why we give you the tools to ideate, create, and grow your business, all while supporting you with the proper coaching and resources.

Future-Proof Your Business

How can you best prepare for an uncertain entrepreneurial journey ahead? By future-proofing! If you plan to be ready for what comes next for your business, on staying in business and riding the waves forward, it’s important to recognize the steps you need to take. By combining the learnings from several of our modules such as Trendwatching, Brilliance of Failure, Anthropology, Branding, and Design Thinking, you prepare yourself for a successful future as an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, Global School gives you the tools required to start and build a business that is sustainable, replicable, and scalable. 

Fund your future

As we are a private university of applied sciences, that ultimately comes at a cost. If you are unable to fund the tuition with us, you are able to use DUO loans to fully finance your studies. The loan works exactly the same as those for studies at public Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (WO & HBO). 

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