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Here we empower you to evolve as an entrepreneur. From a business idea to a running startup with the aim to change the world, we provide you the tools required to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.

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Who is this course for?


To be an ambitious student means relentlessly pursuing knowledge, setting high goals, and consistently striving to surpass one's own academic and personal expectations.


Being a curious student means continuously seeking to understand, explore, and question the world around you in pursuit of knowledge and deeper insights.


Being an energetic student means consistently demonstrating enthusiasm, engagement, and vitality in learning and participating actively in academic and extracurricular activities.


Being a creative student means constantly seeking innovative solutions, embracing diverse perspectives, and thinking outside the box.

Made for your personal success

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation has been expertly designed to ignite your passion for innovation and equip you with the skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum crafted to empower aspiring entrepreneurs like you to turn groundbreaking ideas into successful ventures.

At traditional business universities, you learn about entrepreneurship and not how to actually do it. That is why we give you the tools to ideate, create, and grow your business, all while supporting you with the proper coaching and resources.

We stimulate you to think, decide, and act as an entrepreneur from the moment you enter our program by providing cutting-edge, practical information that can be directly applied to your business in our in-house incubator. 

How can you best prepare for an uncertain entrepreneurial journey ahead? By combining  learning from our modules such as Trendwatching, Brilliance of Failure, Anthropology, Branding, and Design Thinking, you prepare yourself for a successful future as an entrepreneur. 


“When I began at Unknown University of Applied Sciences, I initially pursued GrootTravels but soon realized the need for income. This led me to explore dropshipping after encountering online gurus. It marked my first foray into entrepreneurship, where I attempted to sell shower wipers. However, I soon realized that a significant portion of my earnings went to other parties. Despite this, my primary goal remained to generate funds for my desired business venture.”

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Become a part of diverse network of entrepreneurs and tap into a wealth of knowledge, experience, and collaboration opportunities to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

Grant and Finn, from FairBrowse

Felice, from The Little Progress

Nina, from Sal Paradise

Damian, from RNGD

Rachel, from RKZ Creative & SheUP Community

Roberto,  from Hyper LATAM

Boudewijn, from Globetrotters Traveling

Sylvia, from OneAfrica Football Network

Fund your future

As we are a private university of applied sciences, that ultimately comes at a cost. If you are unable to fund the tuition with us, you are able to use DUO loans to fully finance your studies. The loan works exactly the same as those for studies at public Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (WO & HBO). 

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