BSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Our Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation program is where you become an entrepreneur by being one. Get fully-accredited degree while also growing your own business.

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Starts on 2nd of September

Study in the Netherlands

Start and grow your business while getting a degree! 

Embark on an exciting learning adventure with our Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation program, where you blend your academic pursuits with your entrepreneurial dreams effortlessly. 


Fuel founders to fix the future

From day one, you’ll not only pursue your accredited bachelor’s degree, but also actively build and run your own company.

Start your business from day 1

Don’t waste time. Launch your business from day one while maximizing your studies to turn your education into real-world success.

Best environment for growth

Accelerate your business and personal growth in a dynamic setting, tapping into tailored support from a global network of entrepreneurs and investors.

Extraordinary education

Immerse yourself in small classrooms focused on practical, hands-on learnings that are led by entrepreneurial teachers and field experts.

Located at the heart of impact-startup capital

Thrive in TITAAN: the biggest impact innovation campus of Europe in The Hague. Surround yourself with like-minded peers within a vibrant atmosphere of impactful endeavors.

Educate founders with skills and mindset to start and grow their business.We support founders like you to break through the ceiling of personal and business growth. 


Build your business while earning a degree!

Our structured 4-year program combines assets and resources to create a cohesive experience, allowing you to reach your full potential as a founder. The modules follow the stages of starting and growing a business. We aim to maximize the relevance of our classes by ensuring that the content we offer and its timing are aligned with your growth needs.

Petra Cafnik Uludağ
Program Director

A well-educated founder is a catalyst for impactful change, turning challenges into opportunities and steering the course of progress with wisdom and vision. By emphasizing ‘learning by doing’ and providing access to scholars, mentors and real-life entrepreneurs, we offer an educational journey where theory meets practice, fostering a new generation of leaders shaping the future with both insight and action.

Thomas Blekman
Incubator Director

Students who join our school use our program to become an entrepreneur by actually being one. Our modules are hands on and focused to guide you and develop you as an entrepreneur with a degree. In our incubator we make sure that you are constantly challenged, guided and connected. With our incubator offering I aim to provide you with an almost unfair competitive advantage! Let’s fix the future together!

Your weekly schedule

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Learn entrepreneurship by doing it

Throughout your four-year journey at Unknown University of Applied Science, you’ll engage in weekly workshops alongside personalized coaching and team mentoring for your business endeavors. Every lesson from these workshops can be promptly applied to your ongoing projects or entrepreneurial ventures. Here’s a glimpse of the courses you’ll undertake each year.

  • Agile Working
  • Highly Effective Entrepreneurship
  • Impact entrepreneurship
  • Trendwatching
  • Anthropology
  • Effectuation
  • Value creation
  • Design thinking
  • Incubator
  • Lean startup
  • Brilliance of Failure
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • Branding
  • Lean Pricing
  • Preventing Legal Mistakes
  • Growth Hacking
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Future Tech
  • Innovation Design
  • Scaling a Startup
  • Understand and Understood
  • Present your Startup
  • Alternative Finance
  • Sales
  • Art of Leadership
  • Hiring and Firing
  • Predicting
  • Irrationality
  • Systems Thinking
  • Future Proofing
  • Ready to Rise
  • Aptitude Test

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Teachers, Professors

Founders, Specialists

We have created a program taught by the perfect mix of lecturers. You’ll be inspired by the growth and failure stories of entrepreneurs and learn from the best field experts and professors with academically validated knowledge on scaling. We bring you the best; you can ask them anything you want; they are there for you and your business.


Ambitious, entrepreneurial, with grit


To be ambitious means relentlessly pursuing knowledge, setting high goals, and consistently striving to surpass one's own academic and personal expectations.


Being a curious means continuously seeking to understand, explore, and question the world around you in pursuit of knowledge and deeper insights.


Being an energetic means consistently demonstrating enthusiasm, engagement, and vitality in learning and participating actively in academic and extracurricular activities.


Being a creative means constantly seeking innovative solutions, embracing diverse perspectives, and thinking outside the box.

Easy Apply

At Unknown university of applied science, our goal is to draw in the most skilled and enthusiastic students, irrespective of privilege. Through our admission process, we strive to test your determination and inquisitiveness.

Meet our students!

Companies our students built


Your future
career awaits.

Graduation marks the exciting start of your next chapter. Unknown University of Applied Sciences equips you to confidently navigate your future. Ready to hit the ground running? Launch your career with a year’s worth of practical experience under your belt. Aspiring entrepreneur? Together with our partner network of startups and investors we provide the perfect launchpad within The Hague, Titaan, a thriving hub for entrepreneurs. Your future is bright, and we’re here to support every step of the way.

Accredited Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program

All programs offered by Unknown University of Applied Sciences are formally accredited programs of ‘Stichting Global School for Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (registered under BRIN: 30RK)’. 

Stichting Global School for Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences is officially recognized by the Dutch Government and will offer the accredited Master of Science degree in Scaling Up (registered under ISAT: 49308). The accreditation is obtained from the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization), therefore Stichting Global School for Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences meets the national quality assurances as defined by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

Internal complaint procedure

If you wish to file a complaint, Unknown University of Applied Sciences will first aim to solve your grievances internally. The documents are available for students and staff in the learning management system, Canvas. You can review the Internal Complaint Procedure here. For reference, Education & Examination Guidelines can be found here.

Should we not be able to come to a solution that you think is fair, you have the right to contact the NRTO or file a complaint to the National Complaint Commission for International Students, as we are a signee of the Code of Conduct International Student.

Student for a day

You will join a session of one of our modules and meet our student-entrepreneurs.

Visit an Open day

Meet us in our startup campus or online during one of the Open days and find out what sets us apart.

Call with an advisor

We will provide more information about our program, go over the application process, and more